25 February 2010

I’m sitting in what I call the dungeon of UCSD. It is the underground level of the Geisel library, named after Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. He lived in La Jolla and his manuscripts reside in the library. It is also named after he and his wife for the monetary contributions they have made to the library. I call it the dungeon because the computer lab section has no natural light whatsoever. And hardly any cell phone reception. Which isn’t really a problem, students; despite several signs prohibiting cell phone use, and what I thought was common courtesy, and have discovered is not so common; still use their cell phones in the library, but in the dungeon, they cannot. Too bad the dungeon can’t be a well-lit computer lab with open windows and plants, no cell phone service and cushioned chairs, I guess then it wouldn’t be called the dungeon. I’d have to find a better fitting name for it.

I have wanted to start a food blog for some time now, and I guess have just been lazy. I also want to write, well I write, I write quite a bit but I want to write publicly and get paid to do so. A man came into my work the other day. I work very part time, just seasonally and whenever someone needs their shift covered, at Chuao Chocolatier. He ordered some gelato and we had a rather extensive conversation about the word affogato. I was telling him that it’s delightful and that he should have one the next time he comes in. His face lit up and he said he had an idea and was ready to walk out of the store. I insisted he share his idea with me. Turns out he’s an author and liked the word affogato. Affogato is Italian for drowned and also refers to, at least at Chuao, a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso over it. It is delicious, especially with the cinnamon gelato. Anyhow, he was talking about words, words or phrases that are in the common vernacular for example: when you forget something or something escapes you for a brief moment you’re having a _______________

brain fart.

He thought affogato could be one of those words and he, my manager and I pondered what a could event would be that would be called affogato. Summer, my manager, suggested it’s the period of time after a break-up when lovers try to be friends.

Where I was going with this. I mentioned that I want to write and he told me it’s key to write, start a blog…you’ve of course read Julie and Julia, right? No I havn’t, despite numerous recommendations and the movie. I can proudly say I haven’t seen the movie either, I do not like seeing movies that are based off of books until I’ve read the book. All that means is that I don’t see many movies.

So here I am, starting my blog, which will hopefully someday have readers, or followers but that sounds too religious, I just mean people who follow my blog fairly regularly and care to read what I have to say.

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