Canyon View

She stood with her toes at the edge of the pool. The skin of her feet was soft and her shiny red toes cast a glare from the midday sun. She transferred the weight off her left foot and onto the right foot. Her back was straight and strong. Her lightly bronzed skin served as the perfect canvas for her lime green bikini. Her unruly hair fell on her shoulders, if it fell at all. She slowly looked left and right, surveying the swimmers, her mouth was open just enough to reveal her ivory teeth, the freckles on her face served as testament to her sun-devotion. Her dark eyes squinted out the sun making her plump cheeks crumple under her dark eyes. Her nose twitched as she inhaled deeply through her unsymmetrical nostrils, as she did so her rib cage expanded, causing the bear claw tattoo to peak out from under the buckle of her bikini top, in between her breasts. As her lungs reached their capacity, she bent her knees, while simultaneously raising her arms over her head and dove into the water – her fingertips penetrating the glass-like water of the pool. The rest of her body followed, entering the water in the same location that her hands had marked as target. Her curls flattened out from the rush of water around her head.. Her head emerged at the other end of the pool, like the otters she watched on the river. She was at peace here, in the water, nobody to talk to and nobody watching her. Unlike the otters she observed, who, upon poking their head out of the water every which way with jerky motions, she was not curious here, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She allowed her arms to float up next to her and she let out a soft exhalation.

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