“Is that all oil?!” This man’s eyes were twice their normal size now as he pointed into the tupperware of his colleague who did not seem to mind that his friend was mortified by the amount of “oil” there was in front of him.

“Yaaaaaaaa-p” He drew out as he inserted the plastic fork into his mouth, his lips hugging the fork slightly before it slid out of his mouth with graceful ease. Being coated in oil, it would slip right out along the flesh of his lips. He responded with a grin on his face. He held his plastic fork in his right hand and plastic knife in the left. Unusual.
“What is that?” The first man asked, he sounded almost irritated that his colleague was not phased by his disgust of his appeared oil consumption.
“Fish” he responded. He had now strategically placed a piece of white fish meat on the fork and was allowing the fork to lay in the pool of olive oil. He had tilted the tupperware slightly and repositioned the fork, to ensure maximal oil coverage. He returned the tupperware flat on the table and lifted the fork to chest height, keeping it over the tupperware, he then proceeded to clean the knife off onto the fork for any remaining fish remnants, in a back and forth, knife sharpening motion. The fork was then brought up the full height to his face, his whole body leaned forward and consumed the masterpiece that had assembled on the fork.
The man could tell he was not going to get a reaction out of his Italian colleague, so, disappointed, he moved on. “Are we going camping this weekend?”
“Ya, sounds good to me” the Italian had a slight accent which was heard when he spoke the word ‘sound’ it sounded as though he said sou-, like sour without the r and the sharp -nd. He jiggled his legs back and forth from the knees with glee, it was not a nervous movement, rather a juvenile expression of happiness. He wore brown leather slip ons that reminded me of my father and exposed his grey socks, his cargo khakis looked a size too big for his thin body and his turquoise sweater lit him up like the enigma he was. When he smiled, his whole face smiled. The creases extended out from his mouth like thunder bolts, in every which direction. His smile was captivating and I found my self awe-struck just staring.

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