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I went to a recording of American Idol today. My thoughts were: how much does this cost to put on and keep up? This includes all of the employees, the security guards, the people checking in my cell phone, the people on lights, the woman that counts 10,9,8,…to signal to Ryan Seacrest that he’s on the air, the lights themselves, the 3 huge screens magnifying what’s going on on stage to the whole crowd, the air conditioning it takes to keep a room on that size “comfortable.,” the list goes on and on. I told my friend who I went with, “there are people all over the world who have never even seen a TV. Imagine how many people you could feed if you used 1/100th of the money used to produce this show.”

I know it sounds so cliché, “there are starving kids in Africa.” But the truth is there are starving people everywhere.
I guess it depends on how you define less fortunate. There are various stages of “fortune.” There are people who are alive, they’re fortunate, they have their lives. There are people who are alive and ill, what does that make them? There are those that have everything in the world, but I wouldn’t consider them fortunate. All I’m trying to say is I wish people would not be so selfish and self-centered. I mean, maybe it’s human nature to be selfish? I personally think it’s human nature to want to help others, and see the joy we can give other people. Why then have we evolved to be such a greedy species?

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  1. I know what you mean Sally. I often have these thoughts, especially these last couple of years that we’ve gotten by on so much less and have had so much fun and really taken the time to meet and talk to other people, everywhere…on the bus, in the grocery store, at school, at bars etc.
    I think there are different human natures – for the most part, I also think people want to help others but then within the SAME family, you see really self-centered, selfish, greedy people.

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