Today at the mall in La Jolla, after overindulging at my favourite local chocolatier (Chuao) and then fulfilling my stereotypical role as a young, female, consumer at my favourite clothing store (Anthropologie), I was walking out to the car, click-clicking away with my high heels on the pavement. After checking my cell phone for any new text messages, I looked up and observed a little blonde five year old walking with her father. I love to people watch, especially kids, they are so honest in all their behaviour and speech and I think we could all learn from them. Anyhow, this little girl was walking with her dad when she suddenly let out a little squeel and sharply turned around, ran, with the cutest, uncoordinated stride to a few steps back, where there lay an empty skittles bag on the ground. She bent down and grabbed it with her full palm, ran to the nearest garbage receptacle, threw it away and re-joined her father. He turned around to see if anyone had seen and saw me drop my jaw in awe. “That was amazing, you’re awesome.” I called out. She stared up at me and hid behind her father who chuckled and said “Good girl.” As I walked passed them I told her “Keep it up.”

There was so much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to talk about. I wish more people were like you, at 14, 20, 33, 46, any age. She’s 4. I hope she never changes. I hope she is able to maintain these little selfless acts to keep our world beautiful. More often that not we are bogged down by the bad in the world. Killing, stealing, you name it, but I whole heartedly believe that the good in this world outweighs the bad, or else we would have already destroyed ourselves and the earth.

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