Living out of a suitcase sucks….

Home sweet home. A cute little phrase-ito that I never quite understood the meaning of until just recently. I have been traveling and changing homes and crashing with people as a guest, sometimes welcome and others, not so welcome and last night, I found a home, and I can finally let out a deep sigh of relief.
Things all homes should have (in my opinion):
  • bath robe
  • tea pot
  • fresh fruit
  • a night stand next to a bed with clean sheets
  • windows, and not just for show, to be opened for fresh air and natural light
  • book shelves, with books and pictures on them
  • couches and comfortable chairs
  • love
I have a home! In Spain! I am living in Ourense, at the end of the Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) which goes over the River Miño. The river, which is very cold in the winter, has areas of thermal hot springs, in which one can bath year-round.
Not a great photo of the Puente Romano, but you get the picture…for now.

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