I get really annoyed when people tell me I don’t understand something or can’t do something because I’m too young. Or they tell me a prospective lover is too young or too old for me. Most of my life my friends have been older than me, but that’s not on purpose, I just like to talk to people and find, if we don’t judge or think about it, we actually have a lot more in common with more people than we are led to believe or actually think. We can learn from people older than us and younger than us, and it’s really important for the others to learn from us as well. It’s important to know how to treat people who are older than you and by that I mostly mean know how to hold a conversation. It’s also very important for the development of a child or adolescent to give them the time of day and listen to what they have to say. Despite being little, they are people and deserve the respect of being heard.

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