Prevention is key

There is a big movement among doctors and health professionals to focus on preventative medicine. Not just a focus, but to redefine health and taking care of our bodies. It is a known fact, for example that various daily practices strengthen our health and decrease our risks of several diseases and adverse health conditions. For example exercising, among many other things, is good for our circulation, our mood, stress management, and aids in the prevention of diabetes. Not smoking is good for our respiratory system and in the prevention of lung and mouth cancer. What we eat, and the proportions of what we eat are important. Drinking fresh water, staying hydrated. Getting enough sleep, being rested. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you, we are bombarded with this stuff everywhere we turn.

Today in one of my classes, we were going over vocabulary for crime and punishment. We got to talking about various crimes and how they are punished in Spain, Europe and the US. It was very interesting to hear young students have very strong opinions about a topic such as this. In the end of the class I thought, and shared with my students the idea of preventative medicine, and how we could possibly translate that over to society and behavior. If we were preventative about crime, maybe there would be less of it, and consequently, less punishment. The students all agreed that it was a good idea and the conclusion we came to was to teach by example. I think it’s a great idea. So I guess I will just keep living my life the way I seem fit, and try to just talk to people, give people the time of day and share with them my philosophies on life. Hopefully I can teach someone something, and most certainly learn a thing or two myself.

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