I love myself, I want you to love me

I am really blessed in my life. I won´t begin to rattle off my blessings publicly because I believe that would be bad form. What I do want to do is share a little something I´ve learned by living, traveling and thinking (something I do far too much). If you find someone in this small world that we live in, who: gets you (or at least is willing to try), respects you, has some similar interests and values, thinks you´re cute and can live with you; and assuming that all of these things are mutual, then please, for your sake and mine, be with them! It really doesn´t matter what their income is, what car they drive, their height, ethnic background or how many tattoos they have. Please, please don´t let your mom, your friends or your own prejudices and issues stop you from being with that person. It´s not worth it. This life is short, and we really don´t know when we will die. Really. I would love to die knowing I followed my heart and let my gut guide me in my decision making. If I died today (God forbid), I´m afraid I would not have fulfilled that dream. I have let my own insecurities and my emotional relationships influence some decisions in my life. Don´t worry though! Acceptance is the first step. Or is it acknowledgement? Or are they one in the same? Anyways, part of growing up is realizing we made mistakes and then part of being a mature person is learning from those mistakes. I´m working on that. Now, I don´t only mean this for romantic relationships, I´m talking about all relationships that we have with people. Eating a meal alone sucks, if you have a worthwhile friend or lover to share a meal, drink or just some time with, do!

As for the title of my post, it´s lyrics from a great song from the early 90´s, I Touch Myself by the Divinyls. I´m pretty sure you´ve heard it, but if not, YouTube it! Quite revolutionary. It also brings back some irreplaceable memories of a person I didn´t have the strength to keep in my life.

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