Just do it…

Nike really had a good thing going when they started that ad campaign.

How many times have you heard or said: “I would love to: be a _________________, do _______________, buy _______________, make __________________, eat at that restaurant, etc etc.” We, myself included, make these statements about how it would be great if we could travel to this place or have this dream job or just ride a bicycle everyday in the sun, but when push comes to shove, we don’t actually do it.
Then there are other people who do do it and they are ridiculed. “What does she/he think she’s/he’s doing?” “She/he should get a proper job.” “She/he is wasting her/his time/money.”
Why else do we live? Isn’t our life defined by our actions and the decisions we make in our everyday lives? Nobody would have ever remembered Albert Einstein if he wasn’t so darn persistent about his work. Any artist, creator, inventor will tell you that they have had to work through “failures” time and time again. But it pays to be persistent.
What I want to get out of this is support people in following their dreams. I don’t like to see people not follow their dreams and I don’t want to hear anybody not support me in mine. Anyone’s lack of support for your dreams or mine comes from a place of their own personal insecurity and her/his not believing in her/himself. That’s all I have to say about that.
So, like Nike says, Just do it. Train for that marathon, bake the cake, have the party, dye your hair, travel the world, fly a kite, learn to surf, start a blog, the list is endless, apply to grad school, learn to make wine, I can’t tell you what your dreams are but I can certainly encourage you to follow them and listen to you talk about them. That’s what I’m good at.
DO IT!!!!

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