People forget that we’re going to die

I seriously am bombarded with philosophical questions all the time. I mean maybe it’s me because I think a lot or maybe it’s the people I hang out with or maybe I read into things too much…

Today I was giving a private English lesson to a woman, people in Spain like to have these conversation classes to talk and practice their English. One of the really important parts of learning a foreign language is practice. I mean anybody can study grammar but you have to listen and speak to actually be able to speak. And native English speakers are hard to come across in my small city of Ourense, so I have lots of people who like to talk to me in English.
One of my students is literally a doll. She’s my mother’s age and just full of life and thoughts and opinions. I normally bring with me questions to stimulate conversation, sometimes about travel, love, life, money, work, etc. Each week a new theme. We have never finished one list of questions because she just goes off on tangents about one thing and her thoughts on love, how we should live, how people are stupid (generally speaking), etc.
Today our topic was money. Her response to one of my questions was “people forget that we are going to die and we are here temporarily, if they are reminded of that, they will live their lives differently.” I LOVE IT.
I think people need to not obsess about things so much. Let go and live! Take a step back for a second, what are you doing with your life? Are you happy? Is what you’re stressing about going to matter in 30 minutes? Tomorrow? In a year? LET GO.

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