It´s been a while

Excuse my absence. Theobroma has been inactive due to my incessant traveling and lack of internet.

I´m writing today, a bit sporadically, because I have received a lot of complaints for not writing. I want to comment about having a positive attitude. Today the husband of my roommate told me that if somebody punched me in the face on the street I would forgive them saying it was an accident. He thinks I´m too positive.

I also want to throw this out there as some food for thought, I came to the conclusion today that the way we spend our money and the attitude we have towards money reflects our personality. For example, I spend a lot, arguably all of my money, on traveling, chocolate and other people. I think that´s suitable for my personality. What do you spend your money on? And by my definition, how would that describe you?

Today I am going with some co-workers to lunch in the beautiful stone village of Allariz that is built along a river.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the beach with some friends who have been telling me that Galician beaches are better than Californian beaches. I think that´s quite a statement, I will go, see for myself and report back to all of you, hopefully with pictures.

Be happy.

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