Money doesn’t matter

I love when popular singers sing about money not being important. I disagree with them. You would be quite foolish to believe that in the society that we live, you would be able to survive without money. Maybe it’s an unfortunate conclusion, but it’s the reality. What I do believe is that it’s absolutely terrible to obsess over money. Some people get so caught up in money and having an abundance of it that they lose their morals, values and/or beliefs in pursuit of wealth, only to find themselves completely consumed with obtaining more and more that they end up not enjoying what they have. Or never even realizing this unconquerable desire and die miserable.

Let me go back to what I said about popular singers’ message to us common-folk. Of course they tell us to be happy without money, as they go home to a multi-million dollar home, multi-car garages filled with cars with tanks full of gas, I don’t think they pay to fly all over the world for their concerts, or even if they did, the return from the concert makes it very worthwhile, and don’t worry, you too would look like a Barbie doll if you had a personal chef and trainer who came to you rather than you chasing after them, ensuring your proper nourishment and daily exercise tailored to your personal needs. All of this costs money, and a lot of it. And where do they get that money? Recording silly songs telling us to be happy and not worry about a thing, so long as we buy their $18 CD, to support their lavish lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy good music and I support the arts, however; one thing is supporting an artist, listening to music that people spend hours upon hours of practice to refine their talent, and another thing is paying a good looking, super done up person who had the courage to perform and found him or herself at the right place at the right time, a great deal of money for a record or even an more absurd amount of money to attend what society calls a concert. This phenomenon is something I personally don’t understand. Several thousand people gathered in a huge park or better yet, a closed entity, all hysterically screaming, sweating and pushing themselves forward to be closer to this fan-entitled immortal being, aka, singer/band. From an outsiders’ perspective don’t these people look absurd? They are screaming to the point of unconsciousness pushing other people, often enraging themselves and maybe even engaging in brawls and fights! In 2 hours these singers make how much money? I don’t think they pay to rent the facility out, in fact, they are paid to perform. They probably make more money in one concert than many people make a year working full time. That’s one concert, but they go “on tour.” Jackpot. We pay for that. We, as a mass are their employer, bit it doesn’t work like the traditional employer that you may be used to. Be at work five days a week, on time, limited vacation, limited time for sick leave, drink your coffee at your desk while working, etc. We, individually, pay for 2 hours in a lifetime (or, repeat offenders attend multiple concerts), only to be extremely pleased with the work we see and unable to reprimand our employers if they are late or don’t fulfill or standards.

Now, again, don’t get me wrong listening to live music can be very entertaining and enjoyable but these concerts that are so popular don’t make sense to me.

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