Pay it Forward

I had a sort of crummy day today. I let silly things get to me and technology frustrate me. It happens.

I got off work and was irritated and flustered. I went to the post office and went to find some shipping supplies. A sweet gentleman saw me looking around and asked if he could help me. He was not an employee of the US postal service, he was just a good person. He suggested a box that was appropriate for what I was shipping and then went and dug through the recycle bin to find bubble wrap for me, so I wouldn’t have to buy it. He then proceeded to help me pack the box. I told him he was an angel and asked if I could buy him coffee. He said “no,” with a smile, “pay it forward.”
I left and thought about how beautiful life is and how we often take it for granted. If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve always lived with running water and a constant electricity source. You’ve never truly gone hungry and you’ve always had a roof over your head.
I then went to UPS, because as it turns out, I needed to send the package from there. The guy who worked there was awfully sweet. I told him about my day and my experience at the post office. He said, “ya every once in a while you find a nice person.” I told him I disagreed.
It’s not every once in a while that you find a good person. It’s that every once in a while you find a bad person, they just stick out because bad sells, bad gossips and bad talks. You tell your friends about the jerk that cut you off while driving but you don’t tell your friends about the sweet person that let you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store. Or the person behind you in line that pays for what you’re buying. 😉
A wise, dear friend once said “If there was more bad than good, we would have all killed each other already.” I buy that philosophy whole-heartedly. There is more good in the world and you are that good.
Be kind 🙂

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