Care for your weave

You all know I have curly hair. Well, if you know me you do. It’s a common conversation starter. People often ask if it’s natural, what products I use, if I ever straighten it, if so, how long it takes, etc.

I have learned that you have to take care of what you have. I treat myself to a hair cut about once every six months and I get really high quality products to nurture it.

It’s great, you should find something that is of you, for you and treat yourself to it every so often. I came in and had a tea while my hair stylist cut my hair, massaged my scalp, washed it, styled it and here I am, sitting under the hair dryer, telling you about it! It’s a break in the routine. As my aunt always says, you have to break the routine so that you can miss it. And eagerly go back to it, refreshed.

If you want a great haircut in Monterey, visit salon Beija Vu on bonifacio in Monterey. For curly hair, ask for a deva cut with Michael.

Kisses and curls 🙂

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