The other day I was thinking “I’m so _________”  And then I thought afterwards, that’s so bad.  And then I thought why does what I think or feel have to be good or bad or whatever.  Why can’t what I think just be.

A good friend of mine once told me that feelings come and then they go.  You can’t help your feelings, so just accept them.  If you feel happy, then embrace it.  If you feel sad, feel sad, cry, that’s okay, don’t obsess over sadness and dwell on it, because that’s no good, but feel it, and let it pass through you. 

And about being true to yourself.  It’s like if you’re super clean and like your desk organized, well then, organized your desk!  It doesn’t make you any better or worse of a person, it just makes you you.  You shouldn’t have to guilty about who you are.  So you like to eat chocolate, do it.  You enjoy doing crossword puzzles first thing in the morning.  You love romance novels.  You live to fall off mountain bikes going super fast down hill.  DO IT.  Do what you love, because after all, it makes you, you. 

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