Parker-Lusseau Pastries

One of my favorite bakeries of all times is Parker-Lusseau Pastries.  One of their locations is on Harnell St. (see map), in an old, non-reinforced building.  There is a little sign by the door that basically says, should there be an earthquake, the building may or may not hold up.  I’ll take that risk for good pastries. 

Now that we have that out of the way, you must understand the amazingness of the pastries.

The almond croissant is my favorite pastry there.  It’s filled with marzipan, covered with slivered almonds and dusted with powdered sugar.  The dough is also just perfect and on parts of it you can taste that when it was baking, the marzipan and sugar caramelized a little bit with the dough so it’s kind of chewy and delightful. 

The canele is not to be missed.  A canele is a small French pastry the inside is soft and custardy and the outside is dark brown and a sugary shell.  Great as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or tea.

The moka is the best, made with wonderful chocolate and great espresso.  If you want a real treat, get it with whipped cream on top.  Whether with the whipped cream or not, they’ll sprinkle some chocolate powder on top which is just like an angel’s kiss on top of an already great thing.

Extra perks to note: all the girls that work there are fabulously fashionable, they use all sustainable and compostable products, they serve water out of a blue ceramic pitcher with sliced lemons in it, they sell organic apples on a cute little platter, the ciabatta bread is delicious and coated with semolina and they have drink stamp cards – your 11th drink is free!

Go grab a pastry!

yes, bakery is open…wonderful

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