And I’m off…

Most of you know that after several months of planning and plotting, I am going on my trip to Georgia, Armenia and the UK!

I don’t really know what lies in store for me.  I don’t speak Georgian, Russian or Armenian but that’s OK!  It’s not the first time I have traveled to a country not knowing the language.  And many people have done it/do it all the time.
I do know that it will be amazing.  Every time you struggle, you learn something.  Sometimes what you learn is just, I don’t ever want to struggle that way again. Other times it’s, I sure do appreciate _______ (fill in the blank).  
So I’m leaving drippy, grey Monterey en route to….I don’t even know!  This is rather exhilarating 
Follow me, if you wish, I promise to post photos and write about my adventures, pending internet connections.  

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