Jack’s Peak, Saturday hike

Another beautiful Saturday morning hike in Monterey.  Papa B and I went to Jack’s Peak and had a great hike.

When I was in highschool, my cross country team would regularly race there.  It was one of my favorite places to race because I loved being in the solitude of nature, boiling with competitive juices and adrenaline, not to mention the gorgeous view of the Monterey Bay.

We did our cross country course, backwards and then some.  We walked and talked and laughed.  There is one section that has switchbacks, it makes the really steep incline seem not so steep.  I kept telling Papa B, we used to run here and there and that was the start and there was the finish.  At the switchbacks I told him, we used to run this!  He said (switching to English, which he does for dramatic emphasis), “used to is in the past tense, Sally, you need to think in the present.”  Woah!  He’s totally right.

We hiked along, enjoying the scenery, smelling the pine trees – slightly green and sour smelling.  In the background you could hear the concert that was happening at the Fair Grounds.  Also occasionally we would hear planes taking off or landing, Jack’s Peak is just up the road from the Monterey Airport.  There were bugs glistening in the sun light and if you pay attention you could hear the woodpeckers high up in the trees.  It was a really wonderful hike.  I hope you get there someday. 

We unfortunately did not see any mountain lions
View of the bay
Monterey bay through the trees 🙂
The trail
A fallen tree covered in moss and pine needles
A banana slug!!! Hi buddy.
Spider web

After our hike we came home and had lunch with Mama B.  Life is good, isn’t it?

Lunch! Green beans with garlic, olives, red cabbage and sesame salad, cut vegies

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