Do we forget that we are human?  Is it a product of where we live?  Our society?  Is it cultural?  Do some cultures have a better grip on what it is to be human? Or how to live life?  Does the sound of a cello not stop your heart from beating?  Human tears – salty human tears.  The sound of a man’s baritone voice, unwavering as he belts out a ballad of a lost love.  A baby.  People in love.  The sunset.    Dancing so much you get dizzy and lose yourself in your partner’s arms.  Jumping in a cold lake.  The sun on your bare skin.  The eminent beat of a drum.  Or a heart beat! Freckles.  The way fire dances in the night.  A good glass of champagne.  Stories you get lost in.  The smell of a jasmine vine on a warm Spring day.  The physique of an athlete.  The foam of a latté.

I guess this just turned into a short list of the countless things I find beautiful.  You’re also on that list 🙂

Don’t ever lose your innate ability to appreciate life.  

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