Movie – “The Sessions”

Oh. My. Lordy.  How refreshing!

I saw the movie “The Sessions” today.  It was fantastic.  It was provocative, romantic, real, sad, funny, raw, human and humane. It is based on the autobiographical writings by Mark O’Brien, a poet/writer who was not-quite-paralyzed from the neck down due to a bout of childhood polio.  He lives mostly in an iron lung and always on a gurney.  At 38, he sets out to lose his virginity and after consulting with his priest, decides to see a sex-therapist.  It challenges the conventional stigma surrounding the disabled and allows you to truly empathize with the guy.  The movie did a great job of bringing the characters to life – the relationships were real and you could genuinely relate, no phony business.

I think the actors were fantastic, John Hawkes plays Mark O’Brien and Helen Hunt is Cheryl Cohen-Green, the sex-therapist.   You really had a sense of empathy – both happy and sad, for Mark.  I will leave it at that, you ought to see the movie for yourself to truly experience it.  

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