On the bus to work, I watched a girl savor a fun sized snickers for 10 minutes. I saw her take the snickers from her bag and didn’t think much of it, I continued my window gazing/people watching – I had forgotten a book. I was interrupted from my window gazing/people watching, several moments later by the sweet aroma of over processed chocolate, peanuts and gooey, almost burnt sucrose. I turned my gaze to the culprit, only to find her 1/4 done with the snickers! 


She methodically peeled and smoothed the wrapper with every chipmunk nibble – which was one every minute, if I had to guess. She studied the treat with great intensity before going in for a bite. This continued for the duration of my commute to work. As she approached the end, with about 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch morsel left, she removed the victim from its wrapper, the first time she touched the chocolate with her bare hands. 

She touched it with minimal contact, only the very tips of two fingers grazed Mr. Snickers, the remaining fingers stood out, separated like spider’s legs and reminded me of a posh high tea. She folded the wrapper in half and in half again and continued to take microscopic bites of the delightful goodie. My patience –  which had wore thin long ago, transformed into curiosity bordering anxiety.  Will she eat it?  What’s her next move? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  

Her friend finally woke up from her stupor and decided she wanted one, too  Ms. Self-Control pulled another fun sized snickers from her bag and gave it to her friend.  Great, two of them.  

The friend ripped the package open and plopped the whole thing in her mouth.  Seriously?  Ok.  Our chipmunk continued on with her nibbling, unaware that her friend was much less meticulous than she, and that I was watching her, typing like mad on my phone.  

The bus rolled to a stop, and I got off the bus, and finally let out a deep breath I didn’t know I had been holding.  


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