On account of being on a cleanse and still working full time, I have not been exercising.  I devote my energy to work and thus have not been taking my morning walks, either.  My body wants the time to rest, and that’s OK, after all, that is the point of the cleanse.  However, on my solitary walks is when I think about things to write, my thoughts develop with the monotonous movement of my legs and the beauty of my surroundings.  A bird will chirp and inspire a thought or a wave will crash and it will spark an emotional fire.  

A dear friend told me that we are losing creativity in today’s society; we are always connected, attached, plugged-in such that we don’t have down time which is where creativity flourishes.  In fact, people most commonly say “I had a great idea when I was in the shower!” because that is the only place that the cell phone has not (yet) been able to infiltrate.  At the gym, people have their headphones jammed into their ears to block out all life and get themselves through their miserable workout and what’s worse is when this is outdoors.  Wouldn’t one want to hear nature, be aware of her/his surroundings, greet their fellow runner? At home, people have the TV blaring as “background noise.”  Are we afraid to be alone with our own thoughts?  What happened to sitting and contemplating? Silence?  Isn’t is said that Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation was inspired by the fall of an apple?  I don’t know that Newton would have seen that apple fall if he was texting and walking or distracted by talking on his cell phone.  (I am guilty of these things,  myself.)
According to the wise Albert Einstein, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”  

Maybe we ought to incorporate some more quiet time in our lives?  Some time to just watch the wind blow.  Maybe it will inspire in us some creativity or maybe just allow us to take in the magnificence of the world.    

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