Good morning!

My run this morning was a trip down memory lane.  I ran in the Del Monte Forest, in front of my house, behind the building which used to be home to my Kindergarten and behind my high school, on the trails that I ran countless miles in Cross Country practice or had high school biology lessons and in front of the spa where I would exercise with a dear friend.  

I leapt into the forest and was hit in the face with cold, wet air.  It was markedly colder in the forest and it felt good; one of the best ways to wake up.  Approaching a fallen tree I imagined myself a hurdler, jumped over it and laughed out loud.  As I ran down towards Spanish Bay, I saw some men in jail-orange vests They were standing by trucks and near the fence that I had just noticed the week before.  I assumed the fence was put up for last week’s Pebble Beach Food & Wine and prayed they would take it down after the event.  

“Good morning!” I called.  Before they could respond, “Is this fence temporary?” 

The younger of the two looked uncomfortable and said “yes”

“Awesome,” I responded, not slowing down my pace.  

Phew…I know many runners, walkers, cyclists who would not have been pleased to have that ugly fence intersect our routes.  

I ran passed purple irises and marveled at a hawk flying away from her/his nest.  Maybe there are babies in there?! I thought.  What does one call a baby bird, I pondered. 

I got lost in the trails and ran over a bridge, remembering the time I had to hold the little girl‘s hand whom I used to babysit because she was afraid to cross alone.  

My legs were not as strong as I like them and I had to remind myself to be patient, it’s OK, having not run for some time, and coming off a cleanse, this is to be expected.  But, I assured myself, our bodies are amazing and with persistence, anything is possible.

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