I wonder why people get so quickly frustrated and angry.  I was parking today, in heavy traffic – I was doing a left-side parallel-parking maneuver.  Now, I pride myself on my parallel-parking skills but I miscalculated and had to try again, the woman in the car behind me couldn’t wait for me to park and so when I drove forward to re-park, she honked, rolled her eyes and threw up her hands while shaking her head.  It made me upset.  She had already driven away when I thought about blowing her a kiss.

I wonder where people learn that behavior.  Why is it acceptable to treat one another that way?  We wonder why we have so many disagreements and fights and wars…maybe we out to teach some patience and compassion to our children. 

2 comments on “Life

  1. It’s amazing how people treat each other when they know each other or not.
    Imagine how that woman would have reacted to your parking if she recognized you as a friend, it would have been a completely different experience.
    Because of this thought I try to treat everyone as an old friend, no matter what the situation.

  2. Gordon, I like that approach. I think a good mantra is “be kind.” I think we, myself included, must remind ourselves of that on a daily (if not more often) basis.

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