I ran into a couple of male colleagues on the way back to my office from lunch today.  We stopped and made small talk.  As we were parting ways, one of them said to me, “you ladies here are really attractive, but you need to stop getting so intelligent or you will turn into men.” 


My face dropped and I said something profane.  Then apologized for my profanity and said “excuse me, that is extremely insulting.”

He shrugged it off, claiming it was only a joke.  

I said “that is not a joke, that is rude and not right.”  

He admitted that it was a “bit misogynistic.” 

I said “yes, it was and I don’t want to talk to you right now because I am at work and don’t want to say anything I will regret.”  I had a very serious look on my face and he asked if I was really upset
“Yes, I’m not kidding.”  I said, in a very serious tone.  I think he was taken back.  And maybe he was joking but jokes like that oughtn’t be made.  Those types of jokes could be heard by people who actually believe that or are not mature enough to tell the difference or know that that’s not right and they take it as reality.  It encourages behavior to insult the intelligence and intellectual capacity of half the population of the world.  It sets us back and is just downright unacceptable.  

That actually happened.  

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