Touch Me Where Hands Can’t Reach

Life is not so black and white.  We have this image of what it ought to be based on society that is influenced by religion, tradition, taboo, culture, etc.  But I feel like in trying to conform to these “traditional” ways of living we limit ourselves from the beauty that life offers, if we were only open to it. 

I want to live my life while I’m living.  I want to feel, not just in the “touch” sense of the word but I want my heart to feel, I want to feel my soul.  If that means crying uncontrollably or jumping in cold water so that my heart feels like it’s going to stop, bring it on.  Better yet is the beauty that is born from the passion of two people, what is felt when you open your heart to another person is simply magical.  It’s amazing the love that we are capable of giving to one another.  Where does it come from?  How is it decided who you will have feelings for?  There is attraction but there is something deeper than attraction when you love someone, when you want nothing more than their happiness and especially when it’s related to your own happiness.  Maybe some people are afraid to do that, to give, to let go.  But when you do…what you experience makes all of life worthwhile.  If not to feel, then for what do we live?  I want to be asked uncomfortable questions and have to dig in my soul to answer them.  I want to question what I believe and live life not judging the actions of other based on what society dictates.  Love oughtn’t be restricted or forbidden, it is after all, the most natural, innate thing we have. 

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