Love in everyday life

I read this great article about redefining love that a dear friend shared with me.  (You should read it) But it says “Love, as your body experiences it, is a micro-moment of connection shared with another.”  I’m sure you’ve felt it before, someone does something special for you, the cashier smiles at you as you check out of the grocery store or someone compliments you.  Many of us have this preconceived notion of love that it must be this and that and it must occur in these steps and takes that long to cultivate, etc etc etc.  However there are different kinds of love…love isn’t just what two people share in a marriage, there is so much more to love than that.  A lot of my friends live this way, that is, in the moment and making every connection with another human being matter.  Giving another person your full attention, a little piece of your heart and opening your heart to him/her.  This can be in the form of a good conversation, a walk with a friend, something you genuinely share with someone else, looking another human being in the eyes when you talk to them and smiling at him/her.  Oftentimes I find that we put up barriers, we go through life with tunnel-vision, blind to the beauty that surrounds us but if we would let ourselves just open up a bit, feel happiness, even love for one another, maybe we could live a little bit happier.  Look people in the eyes, share a moment with them…it doesn’t need to go anywhere, let’s just appreciate the moment we have with others.    

“Little by little, love begets love by improving your health. And health begets health by improving your capacity for love.”

Here’s to love!

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