Adults are cute, too!

Children are cute.  Just about anything a kid does is adorable.  You find helicopter parents snapping endless photos with their iPhones, iPads, Androids, digital cameras, etc. etc. The other day, a family was walking by my friend’s house and my friend noticed the little girl stop in her tracks and lean into the garden and caress the peach-fuzzy leaves of the borage.  Now that’s adorable!  And not weird, why wouldn’t you want to touch a leaf that looks like it is soft and fuzzy.  That’s called curiosity and it’s how we learn, as children.  As adults, I think it’s fine, it’s employing the senses. However, we often don’t allow ourselves to indulge in the senses thanks to the illogical rules that society has created.  

The other day, my colleague was walking down the stairs, one step at a time on account of a knee injury.  I commented that it was like a little kid, whose legs aren’t long enough or who doesn’t yet have enough spatial awareness to swiftly traverse the steps, one after the other.  She said “yea, but it’s cute when a kid does it.” And I thought to myself, “you’re cute, too!” 

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