Manners are wonderful.  They make people feel special and we are given a lovely way to express ourselves with language, why not use it to make others feel good.  Maybe because people feel foolish or vulnerable expressing how they feel or kind things to one another?   I get so sad for people who don’t know how to effectively communicate with others.  I guess it’s subjective for me to say “effectively communicate” because my idea of effective communication may differ from yours or hers or the next person’s.  It’s nice to tell someone that you appreciate them or even simple things like telling someone “it was a pleasure to meet you,” because if you’re living right, it should be a pleasure to meet some one new.  You learn new stories from her/him and can gain wisdom from every experience you have.  And if not, you can at least impart something positive on his/her life.  You never know what other people are experiencing in their life and a positive, kind thing from you can make their day.  It can change their life.  Or be a step towards a life change.

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