Be Kind

Remember, everyone has a story.

Speak carefully, 
listen with integrity, 
love deeply, 
do not judge, 
and share selflessly.

I came to this conclusion the other day.  I was sad and hurt by something someone else did and I decided to reflect upon it.  Had this person done this thing intentionally to hurt me?  No.  Was I being hyper-sensitive and over-analysing and over-reacting?  Yes.  Was this person malicious?  No.  Could this person have something going on in their life other than me?  Yes.


I get hurt more than the average person because I’m very sensitive and I take active measures to not hurt others.  (Although I do not always succeed, I try to be aware).  But in an effort to save myself some emotional stress, I decided I would try to let go and when I feel sad or emotional in the future and to remember this mantra.  More often than not people are not out to hurt us and are not behaving to intentionally harm us.  We get hurt but hurt just like happiness can be a choice.  Of course there is hurt that one cannot help but choosing to be hurt because someone did not return a phone call (for example) may be excessive.  Maybe that person has a lot going on in his/her life, maybe he/she lost his/her phone, maybe he/she is on holiday, maybe he/she simply doesn’t feel like talking – I know I’ve been there.  I’m trying to be more understanding of others and not think ill thoughts because that only poisons me and my environment and is not the kind thing to do.  And at the end of the day, I’d like to know that I chose the kind thing to do.

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