lavender latte in Oakland – happy Wedding Day, Rachel & Rory

I stumbled upon a cute little cafe in Oakland on a morning walk. I ordered the lavender latte which sounded interesting; I’ve had lavender tea before but had never thought to mix the soft, elegant, lavender flavor with the strong taste of coffee. Let me tell you, it was delightful. Like the love child of Brutus and Olive Oil, (not that Popeye would ever allow that), but the gentleness of the lavender really toned down the coffee.

So here I sit, outside of this nameless coffee shop (Grand something, if I’m not mistaken), and contemplate the blending of characters. Although it started with this latte I’m drinking, it’s appropriate for today because today a dear friend of mine marries the love of her life.  They are a wonderful pair and in watching them interact, it is apparent that they compliment each other well. They are harmonious together and their interactions with one another are loving and true. And like this lavender latte, their unique personalities come together to make a couple that is rich and beautiful.

Congratulations to Rachel and Rory!

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