Life has a path

Life has a path for us all and we can’t rush it.  Sometimes we find ourselves frustrated not doing what we’re supposed to be doing, unhappy, or not finding that person for us. But until the time is right, we’re not going to find the job, the person, the life, the path.  Everything we are doing now is taking us there. The job you have helps you to realize it’s what you don’t want to do. The person you have to date to show you who you are, or to remind you; sometimes we lose ourselves, that’s OK. Timing is everything. Sometimes we think “I wish it would have worked with that person” or “If I had only gone to a different university.” It’s not fair for us to be frustrated with God because we don’t have everything we want now. We don’t understand the bigger picture, what we must understand is that we have to be thankful and happy for what we do have and have faith that we are achieving our destiny. We must have faith and because we don’t understand the bigger picture, they call it a leap of faith. You must take that leap.

It’s kind of like rain. Water collects in the atmosphere over a period of time but until enough water has formulated in clouds, the rain will not fall. The water has to be heavy enough to fall to the Earth. You can think of “your path” like the rain cycle. You will not go to the next stage, “rainfall,” until enough “water” has collected in your “sky.” So be patient with yourself, with life, with God. Be happy, be thankful.

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