I heard something the other day about stealing.  It framed stealing in a way I had never thought.  We have all been taught that stealing is bad because it is immoral and not right, etc.  While I agree I think my brain likes to have things explained in order for me to understand them – I like rationales.  What this person explained is that people steal out of fear that God will not provide for them all that they need.  (Some people would use the word “universe” in place of God – in my book they are synonymous.)  Cutting corners on one’s taxes, taking something that doesn’t belong to you, etc.

Not stealing is having full faith that you will be provided with everything you need.  In hard times, this faith may be challenged but it still exists in you (if you have faith), the strength to trust, the willpower to move on, to make things work, to know that you are provided with everything you need, that just might be overshadowed by our expectations of what we think we need.  These expectations often get us in trouble, “I am going through a tough time financially now, so maybe what I need to survive is some homemade soup and not a Michelin star-rated dinner.”

Don’t be afraid, don’t take what is not yours, you have everything you need to survive and if you don’t think so, have faith to know that inside of you there is great power, courage, strength, creativity, to make you overcome whatever you are going through, to prevail and live a happy, content life.  Have faith.

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