Let go or be dragged

Let go or be dragged.  The instructor in my yoga class this evening said that and I found it applicable to just about anything in life.

Letting go, while certainly not easy, is very liberating.  The imagery of being dragged by whatever it is you need to let go of, be it a bad choice you made; a past relationship; just about anything in the past; really stuck with me.  The incessant thinking of what could have been – the could have, would have, should have – will drag you through emotional torment.  Let it go or it will consume you.

I understand that letting go is not easy.  Emotions are not like a light switch to be turned on and off voluntarily but to be aware of past hurt and things to which you are holding on is part of letting go.  Everybody deals with things differently and maybe you just have to find a way to let go.  Maybe you let the thought come in and ponder it and let it pass.  Maybe you put on your favorite music when you find yourself fixating on these thoughts that you’d like to let go of.  Perhaps you go for a walk or sit and cry.  Whatever it is you do, I urge you to learn to let go of things that don’t serve you otherwise they will control you.

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