To Do Lists

I have an obsession with to do lists.  I have them by the day, by month, for work, for school, long term and short term, to do lists within to do lists, even.  But I’ve been learning to make adjustments in my to do list behavior.  It is a lifestyle adjustment really, but it’s manifesting itself in my to do lists.  I am trying to set realistic expectations for myself and my to do lists are reflecting that.  I am trying to prioritize the “little” things, so I am adding “reading” (as in my fun book) to my to do list.  I am learning that what doesn’t get done today, is easily transferable to tomorrow’s to do list*. (*Keep all the to do lists in the same place, like a notebook or your calendar, that way what doesn’t get done today and is destined for tomorrow’s (or realistically, next week’s to do list) is not lost and forgotten about.) I find that I get a very rewarding feeling in crossing off tasks I have done, it’s OK to reward yourself, feel proud, and revel in your accomplishments (even if it’s just picking up your dry cleaning or calling your aunt back).

Here’s a Toby Keith song, “My list,” it’s cute and reminded me of the thoughts in this post.  Like most country, it talks about the simple things in life.  Enjoy. 🙂

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