Around Montevideo

I found this post in my drafts folder and thought I would finish it and post it, why not share some experiences even if they are about a year old now – from November 2015.

Uruguay is a lovely country.  It’s small, 68,037 mi² and has a lovely coastline.  Montevideo, the capital is on the Atlantic Coast.

We are in Spring here, in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s lovely.  Uruguay, like much of the New World was inhabited by European immigrants (populated, I should say as these territories were sparsely inhabited by native people).  Uruguayans are mostly descendants of immigrants from Spain and Italy.  The Spanish part may be a bit more obvious (Uruguayans speak Spanish) but the subtleties of Italian are very interesting.  I find the language (Uruguayan dialect of Spanish) to be melodic like Italian and Italian food is rife in Uruguayan cuisine.

One of my favorite “all-Uruguayan” things is their tradition of BBQ.  The most common restaurant is a smoke house, meat is smoked in one part of the kitchen and the rest serves as a conventional kitchen.  Oh, I also love Uruguays tradition of wine.  Must have wine.

I had the weekend off and explorde with some colleagues.  We took a taxi from our hotel to the start of downtown and walked the rest.  Here are some photos from our day.

Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo.
© Sally Baho
Overlooking the Plaza de Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay.
© Sally Baho
Estatua de la Paz (Peace Statue) in Plaza de Cagancha, here is “Kilometro Cero” (the starting place of all the freeways in a country, from where distances are measured).
© Sally Baho
Fish for sale at the Sunday market.
© Sally Baho
The Sunday market in Montevideo, Uruguay.
© Sally Baho
An old brilliant blue Ford truck. I would love to have this car parked on my property with flowers growing all around it and keep bees in it. Also, note the gentleman sitting on the motorcycle to the right. This photo so candidly captures his aura, isn’t it lovely?
© Sally Baho
Lots of avocados, 4 for 35 Uruguayan pesos (a little over $1 US).
© Sally Baho
This gives “big chair” a whole new meaning. Located outside of Punta Carretas Mall, Montevideo.
© Sally Baho
© Sally Baho
The verandas remind me of Romeo and Juliet. I love the stone and the wrought iron windows.
© Sally Baho
Lovers lock a padlock around this fountain indicating the eternal strength and hold of their love. How sweet!
© Sally Baho

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