Evening reflections

I went back and forth about this post.

I love to share my experiences with people, not because I think I’m better than anybody else but because I recognize that my existence on this earth is unique and maybe unusual than most others.

I went to Trader Joe’s this afternoon, as I was checking out the teller told me she recognized me because of my hair.  (If you know me, you know that I have pretty crazy curly hair.  I own them, I rock them, I let the freak flag fly.)  She said you have unforgettable hair.  I thanked her.  I thanked her immensely and told that she was causing my ego to grow.  She laughed and said that was silly, she was envious and I ought to own it, my hair that is.  I do.  But the moral of this post is that you don’t have to have curly hair to be unique or beautiful or memorable.  If you just own you, whatever you are and love you, then you are memorable…it’s an aura, it’s a glow, it’s a confidence that radiates.

So whether you have big hips and walk with a runway strut, or Mick Jagger lips and love them, or if you’re a 6 foot tall woman and stand up tall — not cowering at your own height; love you, own you, because what is beautiful is one’s own acceptance of one’s self, one’s desire to be the best s/he can be, confidence and simple acceptance of the self.  As Marilyn Monroe (is to have) said: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Here’s to not being boring.  (I’m drinking champagne, I don’t know about you.)

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