Taking Turns

When my brother was in college I remember him telling me about his friend who was studying to be a veterinarian.  His wife had aspirations to be a nurse but they had come to an agreement that at that point, it was his turn to study the long hours, focus on school, and not have to work, so she worked as a waitress and put him through school with the understanding that when he finished pre-veterinarian school and vet school, he would then have a paycheck and it would be her turn to focus on her schooling and aspirations.

I remember hearing this story at the ripe old age of 18 and being blown away by the commitment, devotion, and selflessness that this couple had for one another and the greater good of their combined goals.  One could defer her immediate goal seeking understanding that she would have her turn later so that her partner could pursue his goal.  And how beautiful that they had one another supporting one another at their individual “turns,” so to speak.

I don’t know this couple but I imagine that the type of people who had come to this type of agreement also wouldn’t be resentful of the other person and hold it over his or her head that he or she was temporarily in the supportive role, and vice versa.  I just find this to be a really lovely thing and the very purpose of life.

I hope for everyone to find someone who has enough ambition to be supported through it or enough commitment to support you through yours.  May your partner do what it takes to help you succeed and my you be willing to do the same for her or him.

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