The beauty of making someone’s day

We don’t know the power we possess to brighten someone else’s day.  Not only that, but how easy it is and how important it is.

Today, I found a single bougainvillea tucked in the window of my driver’s side door while my car was parked outside of my gym.  Clearly the person who left this there knows what car I drive and intended (I think, I hope) to make me smile.  Well did it ever!  What an amazing way to start a Monday, a week, any day for that matter.  What’s even more beautiful about doing something kind or thoughtful for someone is that we don’t know what that action means to them or what happened to them that day.

Let me explain.

I love flowers, specifically I love flowers that grow on vines: jasmine, passion flower, bougainvillea, etc. I have a running list of the flowers I will have in my future home and bougainvillea is a resident member of that list (assuming I live somewhere where bougainvillea can thrive, I don’t worry about that, I will).  In Arabic, bougainvillea’s name is majnounay, meaning crazy lady (it is the feminine form of crazy).  I read once in a book that it has that name because the vine blossoms and grows wild like a woman in love.  If you have never seen a bougainvillea in full bloom, it is intoxicating, her beauty knocks the breath out of me every time.

Thank you.

Bougainvillea outside a church on a Greek island – taken while I was visiting with mama & papa B, September 2014


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