Go with the flow

As I packed up my things in my bag, I chatted with a couple classmates.  Class had distracted me from the fact that the “low oil” light had come on in the car as I drove over the bridge into San Francisco.  I wanted to drive home after class and knew I would need to top off the oil before driving back to Monterey.

“This is stuff I like having a man around for,” I told two of my lady classmates.  They laughed, both were seriously partnered and we all know I’m single.  One of the ladies commented about how, despite being married, her father still comes over to fix things around her and her husband’s house, like today, her dad replaced their water heater while her husband sat around.  My other friend Dawnie squeezed my arm and said “Tim would take care of the oil in your car!” (Tim is her partner.)  “Wait,” I told her, “he has worked on my car before!”  Last time I had visited them in Sacramento the light went on for the tire pressure and before I got on the road, Tim drove me down to the neighborhood gas station and made sure all of the air in my tires were good.  I love sweet people.

I found a Shell station on my way to the freeway and, because I’m a millennial, on my phone I googled what type of oil the car needed.  I have done this before and knew it had to be synthetic oil but couldn’t recall the grade.  As car forums popped up on my search engine, I thought, wait…it’s probably written on the oil pan.  The gentleman at the Shell station had been less than helpful and there were some people tweaking out in the parking lot and I just wanted to get on the road to get home as soon as possible.  I popped the hood open and low and behold, there it was written, which grades of synthetic oil to use for that particular model car.  I bought the motor oil from the less than helpful gentleman, emptied the contents into the oil pan, screwed the cap back on and was on my way.

I had a long drive home and thought, while it’s nice to have someone do things for me, I’m glad I know how to take care of things myself.  Feeling helpless is not a good feeling, I don’t wish it on anyone.  With that said, if someone wanted to take care of my car and keep it clean and maintained, I would happily oblige.  I think that just might happen one day!  Oh, and take out the trash.

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