Morning walk in the Medina

I love the mornings, especially the mornings in old cities, I love walking around and taking in the still of the morning before people wake up.  Yesterday was no different, I woke up with an itch to move so I got dressed and headed out for a morning stroll.

I was predominately raised in the States but in the summers when we would go back to visit Syria, there were certain things I knew I could and couldn’t do in that society.  People might say that nobody teaches you these things, “you just know.” But in reality, your family and your surroundings teach you what is acceptable behavior, the latter comes from having common sense, observing your surroundings, and being sensitive to others, something I sometimes find lacking in the States.  Anyways, I bring this up because it is very hot here, for example, the day before yesterday we had a high of 44˚C (111˚F), but I knew I was going out for a walk in the medina in Tunis, and I didn’t want unwanted attention or cat calls, so I threw a shall over my shoulders and headed out the door.

The streets are calm and I’m captivated by the small details of the environment, enjoy the photos below of the some of the details of my morning walk.

Squash vines and cactus in a planter on my street
Sweets for sale in the medina
One of the bab’s (gates) of the old city, there are 7 and I apologize for not knowing which this is but I was lost. Also, don’t mind the cab in the front, it was as good as I could get but this way it’s more authentic
Ministry of Finance
Flowers growing out of a crack in the sidewalk
A flower pot decorated with seashells
Very typical door in the medina

I walked and walked and walked turning alley after alley, paying no attention to street names because what’s the point?  Each street is anywhere from 10m-1km in length and they weave and wind and intersect and so I relied on memory to guide me.  I did get lost at one point and looked up and around, saw the minaret of the mosque and was guided that way.

The entrance to my bed and breakfast

I went back home for breakfast, the bed and breakfast where I’m staying has breakfast prepared for me at 9:30, no sooner and no later:

My breakfast, ricotta cheese, eggs, tomato salad, bread — both home made and bakery bought, a smoothie, yogurt, and several homemade jams (grapefruit, pomegranate, an orange variety, apricot), & honey

The entrance to my room, more photos to follow on the inside of my room


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