Relax in Santiago

I landed today, wiped out, it was an overnight flight and I slept for one and two hour stints for the whole flight but not restful sleep, I’m hoping for an early night tonight after our meeting but I know how these things go, meet for a couple hours then remember we are hungry or it’s time for dinner and of course dinner in Latin America is late and there goes the early night.

Our rooms weren’t ready in the morning so I went to the gym and swam laps and read my book in the hot tub.  I got cleaned up and by the time I was ready to go out for an adventure and leave my luggage with the concierge, the room was ready so I went upstairs to unpack and rest a bit.  At that point, my colleague wrote me about finding lunch, come to think about it, I hadn’t eaten since dinner last night, besides a pear at the pool, so that sounded great!  We took a cab to Ichiban, a sushi restaurant we loved from a couple years back.

Tempura shrimp—the best tempura I’ve ever had
We had a beautiful meal and took an uber back.  I napped for a little while—longer than I wanted to but that was OK—it is Sunday after all.  I woke up to messages about an evening meeting (that I knew was to take place).  I got up, cleaned up, and headed down to the hotel lobby bar and ordered a coffee, late for coffee but again, when on international travel (coming off international travel!) all is fair.
Cafe con leche at the hotel (coffee with milk) with a few shortbread cookies
After our meeting, it went as I expected, let’s go to dinner which is really just a continuation of the meeting and honestly where the best work happens.  We wanted to go to the tried and true (and walking distance) Nolita but it was closed on account of it being Sunday so we walked a little further to Don Carlos; one of the guys on the team only eats red meat so it’s always steak houses.

We ordered some appetizers, provaleta (melted provolone cheese), jamón ibérico (Spanish cured pork), and our entrees which for me was a much welcomed salad.

Jamón ibérico & provaleta

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