Suzy’s Flower Farm

I’m traveling the Southwest with my aunt in an adorable Fiat convertible.  We have stopped in Hesperus, Colorado at her friend’s flower farm.

It is pure paradise here, the birds chirp to wake you up and Buddy the dog makes sure you’re safe.  All of the soaps in the house are made by Suzy.  The walls are painted to look like crab apple trees in full bloom. The river flows and has even created a swimming hole at the base of her property.

Last night, after sparkling rosé from Gruet Winery and salad and pizza we made with vegetables from the garden and green house, I said I wanted to take a bubble bath.

“Can I run it for you? I put magic in it.” Suzy said.

Oh my.  I have never been spoiled so.  I sat in the bubble bath with a rubber ducky and plants crawling all over the tub and window sill.  From the window I watched day turn to dusk and the purple lilacs bob in the wind.  I drank my lemon verbana tea, also from the garden, and listened to the murmur of conversation downstairs.

I walked myself the quarter mile from the main house to the tree house and fell asleep to Ella Fitzgerald singing “Heaven I’m in heaven” in my head–from “Cheek to Cheek.”


The house…heaven
My digs for the next few nights

I could write about this experience for days but for now I just wanted to post and check in with you, my faithful readers, because I have not been on a hiatus while I was working and in school.  But now I have graduated–although my thesis is not completed–but I will have more time to dedicate to writing.  Enjoy!

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