Early morning at the Lima airport

I woke up at 12:47am. I had only gone to bed at 10:30pm–after having dinner with Milenka! more on that later. I had planned to wake at 1:00am but there I was. I turned the bedside alarm off, and the alarm on my phone, and the second alarm on my phone. I took a shower and finishing packing up my things. The wake up call I had scheduled with the hotel rang on the phone. I thanked them and hung up. I went downstairs and heard music blaring from the basement…there was a wedding! How fun.

I made myself a cup of tea, checked out, and dragged my things to the taxi who was waiting for me outside. The fog was down to the ground, practically raining and it was so humid you feel like can’t escape. There was nobody on the street at 1:30am so the ride to the airport was quick. I chatted with the taxi driver a bit, he was very nice.

We got to the airport and he asked where I would like to be dropped off, national or international flights? I told him national but I needed to drop my bag off for storage. He dropped me off and gave me directions. I followed the sign for “luggage storage” but there were cones and caution tape blocking the way, and a crew mopping the floor. I asked the guy who seemed to be in charge how I was to get to the luggage storage he directed one of the ladies to move the cone out of the way for me and I walked slowly on–probably ruining–the freshly mopped floor.

I found the luggage storage and the attendant wasn’t at all surprised that I wanted to leave my suitcase for a few days. Why would he be? He does this for a living. Sometimes I get in my head. 

I left my bag and checked the time. It was 2:00am. My flight wasn’t until 5:14. Well there’s a lot of extra time. Everyone had said it takes a long time to get to the airport, well maybe at rush hour…not at 1:30 in the morning! And nobody else was in line to drop off their luggage, anyways.

I walked around and looked in a few stores, Kuna that sells baby alpaca fur clothes, and H. Stern the Brazilian luxury jewelry store. The easter lilies in the store were gorgeous, oh, I guess they had nice jewelry, too.

After 3 minutes of window shopping I was tired of it and decided to go find a place to park it…but first I had to go through security.

The guy at security asked if I had a computer, I did and he gave me a box to put it in. He said, “where are you going?”

“Cusco,” I responded.

Vas solita?” (are you traveling alone?) 


De dónde es?” (Where are you from?)


También hablas Ingles?” (Do you also speak English?)


I thought about the interaction, I guess it’s fascinating to people to hear multiple languages, especially when you think in your head what a person should sound like. It makes me think of a Korean comedian and this great skit he does. Anyways, it’s just to say that we have these expectations of how people should look or sound and we can be surprised. I mean, obviously a common language helps a lot for communication but is not necessary nor should you think that someone who doesn’t look like you doesn’t speak your same language.

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  1. Good luck on your trip Sally! You bring out such wonderful insights when you are in your head and traveling alone with a rich sufficiency of time. I love it! Please keep us posted on your progress! Quite an adventure!

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